Potterie! is the house brand of Van der Gucht, one of the most important suppliers of pottery in Europe.


Already five generations of this family have been producing and selling pottery.

All the acquired experience and knowledge have helped to build up a large variety of products, and only the best craftsmen in the world are selected to be able to meet the increasingly bigger demand for quality pottery.


Today, the market changes faster every day, new trends and colors are introduced at top speed.

Thanks to its many years of experience and its world-wide supplier network, Van der Gucht is able to maintain a position at the top.


The Potterie! collection contains an extensive range in materials that have already proven their reliability.

A selection of high quality pots and deco objects in different styles to transform your home and garden into a pleasant place where you can resource and unwind.


We invite you to discover them with us !





You can find our Potterie! range in most upscale garden centers and DIY stores in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, and expanding in Europe.


Just look for our Potterie! logo...


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