MTERRA Crafted

Handmade at its best !


MTerra Crafted is a new line in the Potterie! Collection using natural basic materials.


It has a crafted surface with more texture for a robust look that puts the emphasis even more on the handmade character of the terracotta line.


The MTerra Crafted line is less sensitive to trends and with its timeless appearance an element that will be a part of a classic or modern environment for years.

It is in perfect balance with lots of green for a natural living space or can be a beautiful counterweight for daring colors. Everything to create your unique personal style.


This line is made from natural clay from the Mekong riverbed, mixed with fine sand and baked in a traditional oven up to 1050°C during 4 to 8 days. The smooth finish is crafted by the hand.


An MTerra Crafted product is frost resistant under normal conditions so please do not leave water in the pot during strong freezing periods and use feet to raise the product above ground.


Material : Terracotta

Budget : Mid Range

Use : Mainly Outdoor

Plant Match :  Buxus  | Succulents & Cactus plants | Flowers

Style Match : Natural | Classic | Vintage

Cottage | Eclectic










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