‘Back to basics’ with our handmade M-Terra line.


This collection has a timeless appearance and will be a part of your homely environment for years.


MTerra Terracotta is made of natural clay from the Mekong riverbed, mixed with fine sand and baked in a traditional oven up to 1050°C during 4 to 8 days.

The antique brown color is achieved by adding iron minerals into the clay. This gives an antique and solid look to the line and increases the durability.


All our terracotta is impregnated to reduce water absorption.


An MTerra product is frost proof under normal conditions, so don’t leave water in the pot and use feet to raise the product above ground during strong freezing periods.


The frost resistant beauty of brown terracotta in a timeless design.



Material : Terracotta

Budget : Mid Range

Use : Mainly Outdoor

Plant Match :  All kinds of flowers | small trees | greenery

Style Match : Natural | Classic | Vintage | Cottage









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