Material : Fiber Cement

Budget : Mid Range

Use : Mainly Outdoor

Plant Match : Bamboo | Buxus | Grass

Style Match : Natural | Industrial | Pure | Nordic

Classic | Contemporary









WOOD Concrete

The sublime combination between the natural color of cement and the beautiful structure of wood creates a brand new unity.


The soft natural look and the simple lines of this product provide it with the unique capability to fit in both contemporary and classic environments.


WOOD Concrete is a mixture of natural materials such as sand and stone powder with cement and fiberglass.

This product is more environmentally friendly compared to fiber- and polystone thanks to the absence of polyresin.


Our WOOD Concrete collection is available in different finishes.


Fiber Cement is frost resistant under standard conditions, so don’t let water accumulate inside the pot and put small feet under the pots during a period of severe frost.










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